Crypto-Stealing Malware SYRK Targeting Fortnite Players

A new ransomware auto-denominated “Syrk,” built with tools available on the internet, has been found to be masquerading as a game hack tool for Fortnite, basically a cheat which promises to give players an edge in aiming accurately (an aimbot) and knowing the locations of other players (ESP, in the gamer parlance). It is expected that the ransomware is distributed via an upload to a sharing site and the link is posted in Fortnite forums.

Interestingly, the Syrk ransomware is in fact Hidden-Cry with a .Syrk extension. The source code for Hidden-Cry is readily available, having been shared on Github at the end of last year.

One principle feature of the Hidden-Cry ransomware is that, as seen in the instructions shown, is the sense of urgency it creates in the victim by deleting files every two hours. However, it may be possible for victims to recover deleted files, given the simple method used to delete the files.

Image via    Syren

Image via Syren

For more information on the malware and how to deal with it, be sure to check out the source below.

Source: Syren

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